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  Hello and thank you for your interest in booking the aframe! This is the place we, Kate and Jerry, call home. We are so happy to share it with you! We are located in Fletchers Lake, about a 25 minute drive from downtown Halifax. The space is bright, cozy and the perfect place to bring your clients if you are a photographer in need of an indoor studio. You'll have access to the outdoor gardens, main kitchen/living room, loft, two bedrooms and a bathroom. Please view our Instagram feed for additional photos at You may use the space for:

✿ Photography: families, boudoir, branding photos and more, we welcome all kinds of photography. 
✿ Meetings
✿ Small workshops/retreats
✿ Filming and Content Creation
✿ Wedding preparations
✿ Weddings under 15 people
✿ Small, low key baby showers, ect. 

Max Occupancy: 14

Hours of Operation: 9am-7pm


$75 per hour or $395 for full day (max 8 hours, anytime between 9am to 7pm). 

Events with 10 or more people here at once such as baby showers, birthdays, wedding prep etc are $395 regardless of minimal time used.

Weddings under 15 people: $450 

Inquiries for commercial use? Please get in touch with your proposal using the form below.

To secure a date, please fill out the form below with the date(s) you have in mind, your reason for booking, and how many people will be here. Once availability is confirmed, you may e-transfer either a deposit or your full payment to That is a dash, not an underscore. 😊 If you are only booking a few hours, we ask for a one hour deposit of $75. If you are booking a full day, we ask for a $150 deposit. Your deposit is non refundable, however if you need to reschedule up to a day before, we can arrange that. We ask for the remainder to be due during the week before your scheduled date. If it occurs that you needed the space longer than booked, we will send an invoice for the extra time used. Please reach out asap if you need more time as there may be another group coming in afterwards so it may or may not be possible. :) 


• Safety is a top priority. We appreciate frequent hand washing while here. If you are experiencing multiple Covid symptoms, we appreciate you receiving a negative test result before coming. If you are bringing guests in, we appreciate you screening them with these questions as well. We observe the health guidelines set out for us in Nova Scotia and are both double vaccinated.

• Our driveway can fit 6 vehicles if arranged strategically. However it is a single file driveway, so those who arrive and park at the top will be blocked in if other cars arrive afterward. Carpooling is strongly recommended. Please Park IN the driveway, the shoulder of the road is NOT a safe option. Down the road about 100m towards Wellington, there is a wider shoulder on the lake side of the road that you may park on if need be. Do not park or drive on the grass on our front lawn as it is often soft and easily damaged. Please discuss parking with anyone who will be arriving. 

• No shoes in the house, please leave them outside on the deck if weather permits. An exception would be if content creation requires models to wear shoes or if a wedding is being officiated. 


• Please note there are security cameras in the front and back of the
house. Full discretion. This is for your safety and our own. No footage will be stored past 24 hours.

• You are free to restyle areas to suit your need! We only ask that you leave our home as close to the way you found it as you can remember. Not a huge deal if it isn’t exact. Be sure to fully lift furniture off the floor if moving anything around. The paint on the furniture easily transfers to the floor. There is a broom for tidying behind the guest room door. 

• No smoking or vaping of any kind in the house/on the deck.

• Damages to the property will be dealt with on a case by case basis, just be honest and we will work something out! You may be responsible for covering the cost of some damages. 

• By booking our property, you, and anyone you allow into our home are agreeing that you will not hold us responsible for any injuries that might incur during your stay. Please be mindful of the railings in the loft especially if you are bringing children.

• We may be in and out of the basement apartment(not the rentable space) through the day, as we and our kitties may stay there during rentals. If you hear a kitty meowing, don’t worry, they are not stuck anywhere. 🙂 


• The only direct sun the main room receives throughout the morning is through the small window above the kitchen sink. There is no other direct sunlight in the main room until about 3:00pm, when it starts to creep in by the sofa and slowly will fill half the room by sunset. Due to the double patio doors and large windows above, the main room is very well lit naturally even when the sun is not shining. 

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